Amesh De Silva

Aurora—Oak Ridges—Richmond Hill MPP Candidate

Sanitago Amesh De Silva is a businessman and member of the None of the Above Party Direct Democracy Party.

Amesh, as his friends call him, resides in Oak Ridges with his wife Leslie and two Kids and has resided in Richmond Hill for over 20 years with the last 10 in Oak Ridges.

He is not a politician by trade but came into this role a few months ago through a deep concern for our Democracy and to help in finding ways to make it better. Amesh has served Richmond Hill through various activities through his CRC Church in Richmond Hill and by volunteering as a Board Member for a Non-Profit Housing complex in Richmond Hill where he served as President/Chairman for 7 years.  Amesh also participated in the Richmond Hill People plan and Richmond Hill HUB committee’s.

Amesh has also successfully worked in leadership roles for large corporations for several years where he focused on both business growth and driving operational efficiency.


What do you think is the biggest issue facing your riding and how would you and your party address this issue?

There are many issues to deal with today, but biggest issue we are facing in our riding is balance. How we balance the positive equity creation for existing homeowners with the need for affordable housing is critical. And any discussion on housing or any type of growth in our riding needs to be balanced with a healthy respect for the environment, as we are fortunate to have part of the Oak Ridges Moraine and other amazing green spaces within our boundaries. We also are home to some of Canada’s greatest companies and schools which enables our riding to be far more than a commuter suburb. I would argue that this may well be the best place to live and raise a family anywhere in world.

There are unfortunately many other issues that we all face together such as health care, traffic congestion, personal safety, education and responsible government spending, etc that also need a lot of attention. In order to balance our risks, needs and wants we must have transparency of government, thought leadership and accurate information in order to make decisions that benefit us not only as riding but as a part of Ontario as a whole.

To truly achieve this, we need a government that will not just say the right things but do the right things. We are extremely fortunate to be trusted with a democracy and we need to ensure that we (the citizens) are engaged and are working to find ways to hold our politicians accountable and improve our democracy.

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