The man who was beaten by a Toronto police officer during a G20 protest almost eight years ago is running as a candidate in the Ontario election.

Adam Nobody told CityNews he plans to run for the None of the Above Direct Democratic Party in the provincial riding of Spadina-Fort York.

During Nobody’s arrest on June 26, 2010, Const. Babak Andalib-Goortani beat him several times with a baton although Nobody was on the ground restrained by other officers and was offering minimal resistance.

Nobody ended up with a broken nose, a facial fracture and bruised ribs.

The violent arrest was caught on video, and Andalib-Goortani was convicted in September 2013 of assault with a weapon.

He was originally sentenced to 45 days in jail but after an appeal and a Toronto police disciplinary hearing, he ended up with only five days’ docked pay.

Nobody contested the sentence, but all of his appeals have now been exhausted.

Ontario voters goes to the polls on June 7.