Joe Crawford

Niagara Centre MPP Candidate

Joe Crawford is running for the Niagara Centre Riding in the NOTA Party. Joe in his 30’s has no political experience, however like most of Ontario is sick and tired of the way Ontarians are being treated with the government. Joe has over 25 years of people experience with his entertainment career. Joe hosts his own syndicated National Talk Show & has great stage presence with his stand up comedy routine.

Joe is a very hard worker and has many years on entrepreneurial skills. Joe is a member of the Knights of Columbus and very active in his church as a Choir Director & Church Organist. Joe has been nominated for 2018 Niagara Entrepreneur of The Year, Won Heritage Awards for Best Comedian and Radio Talk Show Host by The Artists Music Guild in North Carolina. Joe representing Niagara with the None of The Above Party is the next step in helping people in his riding and having their voices heard with action taking place. Joe has accomplished so much in his 30 some years that his next accomplishment is to help out the Niagara Centre Riding with his personable experience with the constituents at Queens Park.

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