The None of the Above Direct Democracy Party already has 45 candidates for the June 2, 2022 Ontario Election, ahead of the 42 nominated in 2018.

Some of the well known NOTA Party candidates nominated for the June 2 , 2022 election are: Hydrofuel Canada CEO Greg Vezina (Mississauga Centre); Canada’s first Veterans Ombudsman Col. Pat Stogran Rtd. (Orléans); Stage Manager and G-20 Civil Rights Advocate Adam Nobody (Spadina-Fort York); Author and Creator of TIME-EQUITY Richard Kiernicki (Etobicoke Centre); Workers Rights Advocate Paul Taylor (Guelph); Aerospace Engineer Kevin Linfield (Essex); and Artist and Broadcasting Technician Marc Adornato (Ottawa-Centre).

Anyone interested in being a candidate can apply on the NOTA Party 2022 candidates page where all nominated candidates are listed:


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