Cherie Ann Day

York Centre MPP Candidate

Long-time humanitarian and human rights advocate, Cherie Ann Day who was set to run last fall for None of the Above, Direct Democracy Party finalized her candidacy for York Centre on May 11th.

Born in Toronto and raised in Brampton, Cherie relocated to Willowdale after meeting her Birth Mother in 1995 to be closer to her. She has lived in both the Willowdale and York-Centre ridings while raising her 2 daughters. Now a Grandmother with 2 Grandsons, Cherie is very concerned about the state of politics and how it affects everyday people.

After being a crown ward two times in her life she knows what it is like to be unsupported and abused by the system.

“I have spent my life protecting the underdog wherever I was, if something or someone needed to be stood up for or protected I did my best to do it.”

Cherie is proud of her roots with her Grandmother, Jean Duncan-Day and M​other Charlene Day both being humanitarians and human rights activists as well.

She is passionate about finding ways to protect our environment and improving our infrastructure that are economically viable. Through more green energy efforts, recycling and prevention programs. Being big on recycling and composting she understands that what is taken from the soil needs to be returned to the soil, otherwise we lose essential nutrients which has a direct impact on our health and well-being.  

“I know that we have many intelligent and skilled people in our country who have the answers that would benefit us all. I trust with the people in power all things are possible. Once the corporate control and agenda is no longer in effect we will have the freedom to advance at great speeds. This benefits us now and for generations to come.”

Cherie feels that Canadians should also regain the right to use the bank of Canada as it was intended to help with low interest loans that are paid back to the country, thus helping the growth, infrastructure and social well being of the people in each town and Province.

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