Dean Eve


Dean Eve is Owner/Operator of Total RE Investment Management. He manages Investment Income Properties both residential and commercial, and does renovation and repairs has been in business for 29 years.

In the past several years Dean has become increasingly very disappointed and frustrated by the behaviour of politicians, their parties and the political system, both Provincial and Federal

The last 2 years has really shown the extreme deteriorating state of Democracy in our provinces and country. It appears that Real True Democracy has disappeared and been replaced with a façade of what we pretend is democracy, while politicians do as they please.

Current Canadian politicians are whipped into following party policies. MPP‘s and MPs do not exercise independent thought and opinion outside of their parties interest.

They should be loyal to the people in their Ridings and their province not to the party, corporate interests, or that of other influences.

Working together we can come up with better answers and solutions than just a few elite politicians.

I support 3 R’s of Direct Democracy

• Real Reform to electoral, legislative and accountability laws and practices to give voters transparency and control of politicians and their parties during and between elections.

• Referendum, important issues voted on by the people for their interests

• Recall of politicians who are virtually immune from real public accountability so that they pay for errors in their conduct the same way all others do with penalties including immediate termination with a loss of all severance pay, pensions, or other benefits, for any dereliction of duty and other improper conduct.

This is our opportunity to stand up and put the powers back in the peoples hands.

We Can Do Better!

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