Frank Lopez

Ajax MPP Candidate

I was born in Barcelona, Spain in 1963 and emigrated to Canada in 1964 with my family. I grew up in Scarborough, and for two years lived in Renfrew, ON where my father purchased a Tool and Die-Mold Making Shop, until he decided to move the company to Scarborough.


When I completed high school, I attended an automotive mechanic program at Centennial College.  After College I worked for new car dealerships (Jaguar, Volvo, Chevrolet, and GMC), in various positions, then decided to go back to school and completed a computer technologist course.


I’m currently working at a College as a technician. Over the years I have volunteered as a Safety Officer, was elected by the staff as a support staff College Council representative, and an OPSEU Union Shop Steward. I have also taught a mixture of day and continuing education courses.


I’m happily married for 28 years, and living in Ajax for the past 22 years. I have five nieces that I’m very proud of  and their accomplishments.  In my spare time, I enjoy taking photos of my family, nature and wild life, growing my own vegetables, and working on and owning classic cars in real life size and scale models.


I’m hardworking, industrious, professional, and I’m ready to take on the challenges of being your MPP and I’m determined to do what needs to be done for all the people of Ajax.
  • I support the 3Rs of Direct Democracy: Referendum, Recall and Responsible Government laws for true Legislative and Electoral Reforms.
  • The None of the Above Party allows you to elect MPPs who are not bound by party control and who truly can represent their constituents first.
  • These are just my opinions on the issues at hand, as ultimately the people of the Ajax riding will determine the outcomes via referendum.
  • Ajax has three pressing issues that will need solutions from the next elected MPP.
Ajax Downs Race Track / Casino
If possible as an MPP I would have an investigation started as to why Pickering was selected over Ajax. From the information I have seen,  Ajax was the better location and able to handle the expansion. I believe the deal is done between the Builder, the Town of Pickering, Great Canadian Gaming Corporation and OLG, and it might not easily be undone as it may be very costly if the Builder or Great Canadian Gaming Corporation were to battle a contract termination. With a bit more research we would be able to provide the residents of Ajax information, studies and cost  to the tax payer for the court battle.  Let the residents of Ajax decide by referendum.


It has been suggested to keep it open and having two Casinos. This might work for a couple of years but I believe it would slowly become unpopular with a new Super Casino ten minutes away. This would also be left to the residents to decide.


The racetrack is an important part of our community it gives me the feeling of small town, up north living. I hope that the will of the people and elected MPP is to save it. I do not agree with selling off our assets like Casino’s.
Carruthers Creek Headwaters
This is important to me, reading the studies, if we do not move forward to protect these lands the future flooding problems will cause great harm to Ajax and surrounding area. Research on cost to protect the land will need to be addressed. This will help the residents of Ajax make an informed decision on the referendum.
Waterfront Algae
The algae problem that plagues the Ajax waterfront, needs to be fixed. I will fight for this, why should the residents of Ajax suffer due to someone else’s sewage and why are we allowing treatment plants to not properly remove the phosphorus the main cause of the algae. I have spent many days down at our beautiful Ajax water front taking pictures of wildlife. I enjoy nature and believe in having green space around for healthy living. Lets keep it safe and beautiful for many generations to come.
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