Mehdi Pakzad

Brampton South M.P.P. Candidate

Mehdi Pakzad graduated high school in Iran, is a graduate of Webster University Vienna with double degrees in Computer science and Management. He moved to Toronto, Ontario in 2005 and has lived in Brampton since 2013. He is a member of Peel Shrine Club, and you may have seen him driving the small Go-Karts during the Brampton Santa Claus Parade.

Mehdi has lived in 3 different countries, on 3 different continents, and under 3 different government structures. He can tell you the best government style is the one where everyone works together regardless of political viewpoints, to get things done. In Canada, we have politicians who don’t want to work with one another and have some kind of a dream to be an absolute power of the country.

Over the years, I have been supportive of one of the mainstream parties, but it seems the Party Leaders are not in it for the people and our local representatives follow party line policies. That is when I thought to myself, there must be another solution. When was I checking the Ontario Election site, I came across “None of The Above, Direct Democracy” party. Looking further into the NOTA site, I saw that the party’s goal is what we need:

“The None of the Above Direct Democracy Party of Ontario and Canada campaign for the 3Rs of Direct Democracy – Referendum, Recall and Real electoral and legislative Reforms that give voters control of politicians and parties.

Candidates are accountable to their constituents and there are no central party policies or controls of elected MPPs beyond the binding Direct Democracy principles.”

NOTA first goal is Election Reform!!! It is not just a promise, it is their first task to complete.

That is why I am running as a NOTA candidate, first to create a political system that can work for the people, and then to focus on my community’s needs.

Mehdi Pakzad