Paul Bell

Bay of Quinte MPP Candidate

I’ve been an engaged political person most of my life. I’ve tried for Municipal office in the past where party politics are not allowed. I’ve been involved with and attached to political parties, including the current governing party but never with the goal of a candidacy. We elect people representing parties but rarely do they stand a chance to deliver as even they’d hoped. People who make up the parties and vote in elections don’t seem to be directing policy anymore. It’s top-down, even though that’s not where the elected authority comes from. We aren’t even always sure who what entity “Top” really is.

Ontarians deserve better.

NOTA represents an opportunity for Ontarians who agree that we deserve better to demand it through our democracy. My candidacy will be a place for Bay of Quinte residents to place their votes knowing that they will direct policy. It’s a commitment that I can make and keep as a NOTA candidate.

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