Sheldon Bergson changed his last name to Znoneofthe. First name, Above.

He was planning to run in the federal election because he was disenchanted with Stephen Harper’s Conservative government.

He admits to seeing the movie Brewster’s Millions, where a political neophyte runs for mayor of New York in a protest campaign that urges people to vote for None of the Above.

It cost him $137 to change his name — money he says was well-spent.

“Here’s a politician who spent a little bit of money and got a lot done,” Znoneofthe told me.

Friends told Znoneofthe it was too complicated to go through the process of declining a ballot.

They said, “Why don’t you just change your name to None of the Above?”

He didn’t run federally but when the provincial byelection came along, the Thornhill native hadn’t changed his name back and decided to go for it.

The Z was added so he’d be at the bottom of the ballot.

My slogan is “Scraping the bottom of the ballot.”

Znoneofthe is facing tough competition from Greg Vezina and the None Of The Above Party. Vezina says the proliferation of None Of The Above candidates is a reflection of the frustration voters have with the system.

“Our political system is broken and people just don’t believe in follow-the-leader politics any more,” said Vezina.

“I started the party because I’ve spent 35 years trying to bring referenda, recall and electoral reform to Ontario and Canada.

“It’s about direct democracy. Politics has gone from the party name not being on the ballot, knowing our local MP, to not having a clue who our local MP is and it doesn’t matter, because our local MP isn’t allowed to represent their constituents any more.

“Some little s..t in the premier’s office runs the Legislature – unelected.”

But will this split the None of the Above Vote?